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A weekly podcast on the impacts of digital technologies on the oil and gas sector

Oct 25, 2017

When exactly will oil markets feel the pressure from Tesla? Not anytime soon, but Tesla is just a distraction from the main show. Other digital technologies will change the car market long before electric vehicles make an impact. 


Duration: 9m 51s

Oct 18, 2017

One of the bigger digital shifts that will take place in the next decade will be the mass migration of oil and gas companies to the next generation SAP. The guts of SAP are getting a thorough overhaul, and the benefits on offer are real and substantial. But all industries will be upgrading so there’s no time to...

Oct 4, 2017

So, you’re considering a digitalisation effort in your company. How should you organise your effort? Do you embed a team inside one of your existing technology organisations (yes, you probably have more than one). Do you launch a new organisation? Do you create a hybrid team of business, IT and operations?