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A weekly podcast on the impacts of digital technologies on the oil and gas sector

Apr 27, 2023

This week concludes a series I started last week on the trends to watch in 2023. 

As a reminder, at the start of every year, I take a step back from the daily news feeds about energy to dwell instead on the many longer-stride trends that are impacting oil and gas.

There are many ways to frame such analysis, and the...

Apr 26, 2023

"It is very similar to what we've been doing an oil gas for many years, in an exploration sense. The mindset is there’s risk. At the beginning... you look at data."

In this episode, I’m in conversation with Patrick Ng, the CEO and Founder of ShaleForce, a geothermal company, on generative AI and how it has been used...

Apr 20, 2023

I admit it. I’m an energy industry junkie. My news feeds are chock full of energy stories, I chase down obscure items that interest me, and I scrutinize energy industry changes to understand their hidden meanings and bigger implications. It’s for this reason that every year around this time, I step back from the...

Apr 19, 2023

"There's a move towards digital transformation. And there's two aspects of that. There's digitisation and there's digitalization."

"If it's digitized, you're simply taking, like a hardcopy, and you're scanning it near attaching it to a record of some sort."

"By digitalizing, it, I'm actually putting it in a format that...

Apr 13, 2023

There are a handful of oil and gas industry conferences (ADIPECGastechCERAWeek) that are distinguished by their global nature, the topics being discussed, the scale of their trade show floors, and their enduring focus. Gastech is one of the biggest and best of the lot. I first came across Gastech in 2015 when I was...