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A weekly podcast on the impacts of digital technologies on the oil and gas sector

Jan 19, 2023

The front line worker in oil and gas has been overlooked in the drive to bring digital innovation to the industry. 

The career success for this group of employees is likely linked to how well they stay abreast of important developments in the industry, from the impacts of new regulations dealing with climate change to the changing energy demand and supply patterns driven by the war in Europe. To a degree they are paid to stay on top of things, and may have a small expense allowance to spend on maintaining personal awareness.

But this is not the world of the front line worker.

By definition, the FLW works in the field, usually far from a large office and rarely, if ever, are there large numbers of FLWs in a big city. They may have visited the home office during their first few weeks of initial training, but since there are so many field workers, it’s generally more cost effective to send the occasional trainer to the field, rather than fly the field to the training center.

We need to fix that.

To help bridge the gap between the front line worker and the world of digital, I’ve recorded a new short video training course on digital’s impact on the oil and gas industry, specifically for the front line worker.

  • It’s intentionally short, at just 50 minutes long, in 7 short videos, in keeping with the minimal amount of time that front line workers have available in their day.
  • It’s available on all browsers for mobile phones, tablets and laptops.
  • It features a handful of short quizzes that help reinforce the content.
  • It includes specific examples for oil and gas to underscore practicality.
  • It directly addresses some of the misperceptions of digital and presents the reality.
  • Students can take the course based on their own capacity and availability.

The course is housed on Udemy, a leading platform for on-line learning.

Look for it here.