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A weekly podcast on the impacts of digital technologies on the oil and gas sector

May 8, 2024

In this episode, Iโ€™m in conversation with Serge Guzenko, Founder and CEO of Wezom, about custom code.

With over 24 years of experience in the industry, Serge has led WEZOM to become an international IT company known for its innovative solutions and client-centric approach in developing custom code.

Wezom is a global custom code business. I'm really interested in this niche and critical role of custom software development, particularly within the oil and gas industry. I start by asking Serge to explain the unique advantages of custom software. It's not obvious to oil and gas professionals, who view their businesses as generally undifferentiated, why they might value the flexibility and features that address the unique needs of the oil and gas sector.

Custom solutions can be tailored to enhance operational efficiency, integrate with existing systems, and handle complex data management tasks that generic software often cannot. The discussion highlights several key factors to consider when opting for custom software, such as the specific operational needs of the company, unique requirements, and cost effectiveness.

Serge points out areas within this sector that particularly benefit from custom solutions. We talk through cost of delivery, the need for ongoing maintenance, and the availability of skilled developers familiar with the industryโ€™s nuances.

Looking forward, Serges shares his view of the future of custom software development, featuring increased integration of AI tools that can further enhance the capabilities and efficiency of custom solutions. AIโ€™s role in supporting coding work is only just starting.

This episode not only highlights the persistent relevance of custom software development in a world dominated by generic ERP solutions but also illustrates its strategic importance in industries where customization can lead to significant competitive advantages and operational improvements.

Serge is deeply passionate about his work and is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for his clients. Throughout his career, Serge has demonstrated strong leadership skills, overseeing a team of over 250 employees and delivering more than 1000 IT solutions for companies, enterprises, startups, and government entities. Wezom worked with projects of such companies as Metinvest, Aptiv, CooperHunter, and JohnDeer.

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