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A weekly podcast on the impacts of digital technologies on the oil and gas sector

Apr 17, 2024

Marketplace Launched!

The upstream oil and gas supply chain is about to get a much needed boost in procurement efficiency with the launch of a new e-commerce marketplace. Such marketplaces are very common in the consumer industry (Amazon being an example), but rare to non-existent in oil and gas.

Despite years of investment in big enterprise systems, buyers of goods for the upstream industry still have to wrestle with supplier-specific ordering portals and search, complex and out of date company product catalogues, which hampers price discovery, procurement efficiency, and price discovery. Time-pressured oil and gas project managers just bypass the agreed procedures, and order directly using procurement cards, which erodes the value of strategic sourcing agreements. 

Imagine the possibilities of a marketplace specific to Canadian upstream oil and gas. Oilfield Marketplace Canada (or is a descendent of the very successful Oilfield Marketplace solution in the US but specific for the Canadian marketplace, with items that are certified for use in Canada and with Canadian prices and availability. 

Check out this conversation with Steve Copeland, the general manager of the new Canadian Oil Field Marketplace. Steve spent 12 years with Cameron, and later with SLB after their acquisition of Cameron in 2015. Steve is from Calgary, and had an early career in field service gradually progressing to the role of National Sales Manager at Cameron.

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