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A weekly podcast on the impacts of digital technologies on the oil and gas sector

Jun 21, 2023

In this episode, I’m in conversation with Mike Procee, who at the time of recording was the Manager of Enterprise Innovation, Enablement, and Culture at TC Energy, a large oil and gas utility. Mike’s background in entrepreneurship and engineering came together at TC who wanted to accelerate their ability to deal with energy transition and digitalization. The company created an innovation hub that could provide its business units with facilitation, coaching and guidance to improve its ability to embrace positive change. It’s proof that big energy companies can change their stripes.  

"Everyone's heard the stories about Kodak. Everyone's heard the story about BlockBuster. Nobody wants to kind of follow in their footsteps."

Here are some of Mike's quotes from the podcast... 

"These little collisions, with HR combining with engineering, your marketing team combining with sales, these groups that don't typically work together getting together are seeing these innovative solutions, and then actually driving more value out of them."

"The argument can be made that you don't want to define innovation. Sometimes you want to create a very open space to let the horses run free."

Today, Mike is the Manager of Project Enablement at TC Energy.  Mike is an experienced Mechanical Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in hydraulic design and leveraging those skills to help facilitate discussion for optimization. He is passionate about innovation and employee experience while exploring their connection to bottom-line impacts.


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